Greek Dinners Around the World – A Social Media Event


Tonight, Friday January 15, 2016, I am participating in an exciting event. Chefs, bloggers and authors from around the globe will be sharing meals, books and culture, all revolving around Greek heritage and tradition.

The event is called Greek Dinners Around The World and the host for this event it Keri Douglas who runs the website 9 Muses News. This is Keri’s third year running this event and my first year joining in.

I will spend the day cooking and baking, and later, I will be hosting family and friends to join me in a Greek feast. Like the rest of the participants around the world, I will be posting pictures on all my social media sites and following up with a blog post on this site.

For more information on the event and the others participating, go to or use the #GreekDinner on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Since you all can’t be with me, it might be a good time to try one of my recipes, crack open a bottle of Greek wine and we can virtually toast one another! Or you can simply crack open the bottle of wine, download my book, Evanthia’s Gift and pretend you are part of that big Greek family! Either way, enjoy your weekend.

Kali orexi! Good appetite!


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