Yummy Marinated and Grilled Spare Ribs, Uncle Scotty Style

Photo by Alexa Speyer

Photo by Alexa Speyer

Let me tell you about Uncle Scotty. Uncle Scotty is my brother-in-law. The very same one who each year lovingly prepares my Thanksgiving turkey, and then poses for the “kiss the turkey” picture. One day recently, he was scrolling through my blog and was insulted to find that I had taken down the recipe I had posted a few years back for Uncle Scotty Spare Ribs. “No, I didn’t,” I insisted. “You are looking at the wrong blog.” Previously, I had written my posts on a livejournal domain. I switched over a few years ago and slowly, I’ve been reposting those recipes in addition to many others. So far, I’d not reposted the spare rib recipe onto the wordpress blog.

So, this past weekend I purposely made the ribs in order to take some photos and share this tasty recipe with you.

Originally, when I asked Scott what was in the marinade, he only said, “duck sauce, bourbon, and soy sauce.” He gave me no amounts, or any indication that he added seasonings. So, I played with the amounts and the recipe and this is what I came up with.

Uncle Scotty Spare Ribs

 Approximately 4 pounds of country style pork spare ribs

3 cups duck sauce

1 cup bourbon

½ cup soy sauce

2 cloves crushed garlic

1Tablespoon fresh ginger or 1teaspoon ground ginger

¼ brown sugar

¼ cup vegetable oil

Whisk all the ingredients together until well blended. Marinate spare ribs overnight or for at least 5 hours. Grill.

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