I’m Back! Heirloom tomato Bruschetta


Let me reintroduce myself, as I have been absent for a while. You can call me Cheffie. My name is actually Effie, but a neighbor (and friend) called me Cheffie around the time I started my blog and the name stuck. Although I haven’t been posting, I still have people asking for my blog site, or e-mailing me for recipes, so I thought it was time I started to share some recipes once again. Originally I was on Livejournal, but then my daughter, the graphic designer, designed a blog for me on WordPress as well. This may be a bit unorthodox, but I am going to post on both platforms, however, the majority of my past posts and recipes are on Livejournal. I stopped posting two years ago when my mother passed away. She was and always will be my food inspiration, and at the time I had no desire to cook or write about it. I channeled my grief in a different creative direction. So, aside from working on that project, I thought it was time to get back to what I love —food. I enjoy entertaining and cooking for friends who appreciate what I serve them. I live for the summer months when I can have a gathering of friends and family on the patio by my pool—and feed them well into the evening!

I’ve had many people tell me that cooking is too hard, or they never know what to serve. Cooking should not stress you out. In fact, I find it relaxing. Don’t fret over measurements or a missing ingredient. Estimate, taste as you cook and improvise, trading out one ingredient for another. Start with easy but impressive appetizers. Here is one that will make you look like a culinary whiz and requires vey little work.

Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta

12 – ¼ inch slices of French baguette, toasted

18 – 20 multi-colored mini heirloom tomatoes, halved

6 Tablespoons hummus

6 Tablespoons goat cheese

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice

A few snips of fresh oregano

Fresh basil

Salt and pepper to taste

Spread a tablespoon of hummus on six of the toasts and a tablespoon of the goat cheese on the remaining six toasts.

In a bowl, toss the halved tomatoes with the olive oil, lemon juice, oregano and salt and pepper. Top the tomatoes over the toasts and garnish with basil.

* If you don’t like goat cheese, substitute your favorite spreadable cheese, or use only hummus.

**Look on past posts for my hummus and bean spread recipes, or use a really good store made.

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